Inspection Scheduling:

-The inspection fee will be $325.00 unless otherwise noted and due at the time of inspection. If you choose to add a radon test to your home inspection that will be an additional $100. Green Home Inspections accepts check or credit/debit card at the time of inspection, whichever is more convenient for you. There is also an option to pay when you schedule!

-I prefer our clients to be onsite for inspections. Although, I do understand that isn't always possible and other arrangements can be made if that's the case. 

-The day of the inspection I, Derek Green the owner will meet you at the home, introduce myself, explain the process for that inspection and answer any questions that you may have. 

-You will have your digital report immediately following the completion of the inspection. We will go over the report together on-site

-As the owner and sole inspector for Green Home Inspections, I will always be available for follow up 

-See our page of answers for more info